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Praus Construction is a Dallas-Fort Worth based corporation with more than 15 years of roofing installations and insurance claim experience. We are committed to providing professional excellence, creative solutions for our clients’ needs and excellence in customer service.

The expertise of our roofing crews provides us with an understanding of every aspect of a project, providing greater control over the installation process from concept to completion. Our staff of experts bring their technical knowledge, experience and resourcefulness to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our priority is our client’s complete satisfaction from the initial contact to the final inspection and sign off.

Our goal is to make the process seamless whether it be a new design or storm related insurance claim. We take pride in our work and would love to have the opportunity to explain our process to you to show you the Praus difference. Experience firsthand one of the reasons why our clients always come back home to Praus.


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Scott Peterson
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How You Benefit

Have your neighbors been getting new roofs installed?

If so, then your home needs to be inspected for damage by a professional. Hail does not skip houses, and having an inspection of your roof will assure that your home is not left unprotected.

Did you know that insurance companies recommend getting your roof inspected twice a year?

Your home is one of your largest assets. Preventative maintenance is the key to assuring that any problems with your home are taken care of before they become larger issues for you. Insurance companies recommend that you get early spring and late fall inspections. Praus is happy to inspect your home, free of charge.

Did you know that even a small, unrepaired roof leak can let mold into your home?

Your family’s health is vitally important. Even the smallest leak can lead to the formation of mold that can spread throughout your home.

Do you want to be responsible for 100% of the cost of replacing your roof?

The statute of limitations to make a hail damage claim typically expires in 6-12 months from the date of the storm. After that time has expired, you will be financially responsible for any leaks, repairs, or damage to your home.

How Will You Benefit?

  • You are a valued client. You are never just a number to us.
  • You will work with only one person. Your specialist will walk you through the job from start to finish.
  • You will have a highly experienced team in the office that is working your claim with the insurance company.
  • You will know what is happening every step of the way.

Steps in the Process



Your home and most of its contents may lose value over time due to factors of age, wear and tear and other causes. This loss in value is commonly called “depreciation.”

(The information here is intended to help you, as the homeowner, understand the process. You can also view this information in a document that one insurance company sends to their customers.)

It’s important to understand how depreciation works in regards to an insurance claim. If your property is lost or damaged, most policies cover what is referred to as Replacement Cost Value (RCV).

Depreciation is estimated by subtracting the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your damaged property from the Replacement Cost Value (RCV). In order to recover the full Replacement Cost Value through the claims process, you must show proof of completed repairs with receipts for claim items replaced on your property. This process is put in place to assure compliance with the terms of your policy – including your obligation to pay your deductible and the Insurer’s obligation to pay reasonable repair or replacement costs.

Replacement Cost Value – Actual Cash Value = Depreciation

This means that if you are able to secure your property repairs for less than the original estimate, you will not be able to cash out the difference. Your depreciation will simply be adjusted and your full deductible subtracted upon review of the final invoice.

There is no “incentive” for you, the Insured, to jeopardize quality and safety of the repair process in order to save money. Always choose a reputable contractor who is able to offer a reasonable warranty on the repairs and/or parts they provide.

With these factors in mind regarding the claims process of replacement cost value policies, you should select your contractor based upon the following criteria:

  • Quality of workmanship – Insure they are factory qualified for roof installation
  • How well your property will be cared for – do they have local referrals?
  • What type of warranty will you have when the job is complete – Does the warranty cover leaks and interior damage caused by the leak?

You cost for all repairs is the price of the deductible, whether the contractor provides an exceptional job or a poor job.

Shouldn’t you select the best contractor available?

Our Customers Say

Aaron Gaunt with Prauss Construction is amazing to work with! The company is qualified and my #1 choice to refer to my clients – as a top producing Realtor it is so important to have a contractor you can trust. They also helped replace the roof on my own house- the level of professionalism and customer service can’t be beat! They kept it stress free for me, worked with insurance and handled all the details. The roof was replaced in a timely manner and everything kept very clean. I can’t recommend them enough!

Holly K.

This company was so helpful when we had the big 4″ hail in Highland Village, TX. I couldn’t believe what all was messed up and when I talked to Praus, they came out and explained everything so well. They helped me understand the process of getting my roof fixed and all the other damage. Decision-making was much easier. Then when it was “new roof day”, they were so efficient in how quickly the process was going and what a great job they did!!! They are so professional and knowledgeable.

Judy S.

We used Praus for our home construction needs after a 2017 hail storm. John from the Praus team was fantastic and walked us through the entire process…from dealing with our insurance company to ensuring we we comfortable with all of the work completed. John was available day or night (and even weekends) to answer any questions. The team did quality work and I would highly recommend Praus and John for any home construction needs.

Chris H.
Fantastic company. Local as well. They made the process so easy, without any worries or hiccups along the way. None of this would have been possible without Project Manager Scot Campbell who oversaw the details of the roof replacement, ensuring there were no issues. Scot did an incredible job and I haven’t had any issues with the roof since. In fact, the new roof is better than the old, high-end builder roof. I would use them again without question. Thanks!


John T.

Praus Construction representative Michael Geddie was very professional in his handling of the hail damage repairs to our home which we experienced as a result of the hail storm of March 2017. Due to circumstances of being away at the time of the re-roofing, Michael provided photos and messages via text keeping us up to date. Michael’s personal involvement with our insurance claims adjuster and us was top notch service few contractors provide. FIVE STAR SERVICE!



Kathy S.

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