How Can I Spot A “Disreputable” Company?

How Can I Spot A "Disreputable" Company? Sadly, the biggest complaint for the roofing industry is that it is made up of "less than reputable" companies, fly-by-night companies, and people just trying to make "fast money". Unfortunately, these perceptions are not wrong with many of the companies that are in business today. How can you

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What Should A FREE INSPECTION Consist Of?

What Should A FREE INSPECTION Consist Of? Many companies will come by, especially after a recent hail storm, and offer a FREE INSPECTION. What you need to understand is that all inspections are not the same. The motives of the company, or the person representing the company, can dramatically affect the results of the inspection.

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Are All Door-Knockers Shady?

Are All Door-Knockers Shady? It seems that this is a common misconception for more than a few people. Typically because of a previous bad experience with a door-knocking solicitor, they have the misplaced idea that any company resorting to door-knocking is not a worthwhile company to do business with. While it is certainly true that

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Top Insurance Questions We Receive

Top Insurance Questions We Receive These are a few of the TOP Insurance-related questions that we receive: 1.) I've never filed a claim - what happens? Filing an insurance claim does not have to be a scary or worrisome process. The process begins with a simple phone call. However, you are best served by finding

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What Happens After A Damaging Storm?

What Happens After A Damaging Storm? When a north Texas hail or wind storm comes through the area, causing damage to your home or business, you may be asking yourself “What’s next?, What do I do now?” This is a question that we hear regularly from many homeowners and business owners as they are trying

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