Has your home been affected by severe weather, such as hail or damaging winds?


If you have just experienced a hail storm at your home or business, you may be asking yourself “What do I do now?, What should I expect?” These are very common questions, as this can be a confusing time. Most home and business owners are not expecting to have to deal with the aftermath of a storm, so we hope this information will be helpful for you to navigate the road ahead.

Be Safe

The first thing to do is to be safe. During a hail storm or immediately after is not the time to try to inspect the property. As some roof systems can be very high and difficult to navigate, this is best left to professionals.

Assess Damage

Once the weather has subsided and things have calmed down, a walk around the property is in order to see if there are any immediate concerns that need to be dealt with. Leaks, branches on the roof, or other issues that continue to cause damage will need to be dealt with quickly. Give us a call immediately so we can come make temporary repairs.

Prepare for “Contractors”

Depending on the size and scale of the storm, you may soon experience an onslaught of contractors coming to your door. A sizable hail storm will bring many out of town contractors, as well as many individuals acting as contractors. While a number of these contractors are legitimate, many are not. They are often inexperienced, uninsured, and have been known to be unscrupulous. Many of these individuals will offer deep discounts and “too good to be true” deals to secure some business before they leave the area. Unfortunately, these deep discounts come at a cost – either from the contractor not being insured, using sub-standard materials, using inexperienced labor, or all of the above. The problem with this is that you, the homeowner or business owner, are left with a less than quality job protecting one of your largest assets.

Another key item to keep in mind is that the State of Texas does not require a contractor to carry insurance. Some companies are able to offer lower prices because they do not carry the overhead of insuring against damage or injury while on your property. Should damage or an injury occur, your home or business insurance policy will be used to pay for those damages. Should the policy not carry the coverage needed, you personally may be responsible for the remainder. This is a dangerous risk to take for what seems to be a good deal.

How to Choose?

You are best served by selecting a contracting professional that is local, that is experienced, that maintains high standards of quality, professionalism, and integrity, and is insured. Praus Construction meets all of those criteria. Give us a call today for a free inspection, and let us take care of the rest.

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Our Customers Say

Aaron Gaunt with Prauss Construction is amazing to work with! The company is qualified and my #1 choice to refer to my clients - as a top producing Realtor it is so important to have a contractor you can trust. They also helped replace the roof on my own house- the level of professionalism and customer service can't be beat! They kept it stress free for me, worked with insurance and handled all the details. The roof was replaced in a timely manner and everything kept very clean. I can't recommend them enough!

Holly K.

This company was so helpful when we had the big 4" hail in Highland Village, TX. I couldn't believe what all was messed up and when I talked to Praus, they came out and explained everything so well. They helped me understand the process of getting my roof fixed and all the other damage. Decision-making was much easier. Then when it was "new roof day", they were so efficient in how quickly the process was going and what a great job they did!!! They are so professional and knowledgeable.

Judy S.

We used Praus for our home construction needs after a 2017 hail storm. John from the Praus team was fantastic and walked us through the entire process...from dealing with our insurance company to ensuring we we comfortable with all of the work completed. John was available day or night (and even weekends) to answer any questions. The team did quality work and I would highly recommend Praus and John for any home construction needs.

Chris H.
Fantastic company. Local as well. They made the process so easy, without any worries or hiccups along the way. None of this would have been possible without Project Manager Scot Campbell who oversaw the details of the roof replacement, ensuring there were no issues. Scot did an incredible job and I haven't had any issues with the roof since. In fact, the new roof is better than the old, high-end builder roof. I would use them again without question. Thanks!


John T.

Praus Construction representative Michael Geddie was very professional in his handling of the hail damage repairs to our home which we experienced as a result of the hail storm of March 2017. Due to circumstances of being away at the time of the re-roofing, Michael provided photos and messages via text keeping us up to date. Michael’s personal involvement with our insurance claims adjuster and us was top notch service few contractors provide. FIVE STAR SERVICE!



Kathy S.

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