Important Updates


Hail storm maps (overview image / detail image)

Links to streets that may be positive:

  • Forest Lane, Woodhaven, TX— Gated Community, but may be open–It’s HUGE (link)
  • End O Trail –WoodHaven, TX (link)
  • Cholla Drive- Fort Worth (link) – may be hit 2x in the past week!
  • Canyon Creek Trail (link) – may be hit 2x in the past week!
  • Highwood Trails (link) – may be hit 2x in the past week!
  • Ashcroft circle- Arlington (link)
  • Sylvan Drive (link)
  • Sovereign Oaks Ct (link)
  • Holm Oaks St (link)
  • Cork Oak Ct (link)


Praus App has been updated:

  • YouTube training videos for basic features of JobProgress (log in, workcenter overview, create customer, create job, send text, send email).
  • Important Updates (Sales page) links to important relevant info for quick distribution


Dallas County rules for construction as essential business during COVID-19 event (link to document)


Hail Storm Maps (link to download maps – 30 pages)