Top Insurance Questions We Receive

These are a few of the TOP Insurance-related questions that we receive:

1.) I’ve never filed a claim – what happens?

Filing an insurance claim does not have to be a scary or worrisome process. The process begins with a simple phone call. However, you are best served by finding a trusted, local contractor with experience to represent you. This is where we shine. As your advocate, we work with the insurance company to make sure that your property is fully restored.

2.) Will my rates increase because I file a claim?

No, your rates will not increase because you file a storm damage claim. In the State of Texas, it is unlawful for an insurance company to raise the rates of a homeowner BECAUSE they filed a claim. However, as damage covers an entire area and can really add up, it is likely that many insurance premiums will increase, whether a claim was filed or not.

3.) My claim was denied – what do I do now?

If your claim was denied after a storm, that does not necessarily mean that you have no damage. There can be many factors causing a claim denial, from inexperienced adjusters to tight budgets. This is where Praus Construction comes in, walking you through the process, and going to bat for you to make sure that your property is fully restored.

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