What Should A FREE INSPECTION Consist Of?

Many companies will come by, especially after a recent hail storm, and offer a FREE INSPECTION. What you need to understand is that all inspections are not the same. The motives of the company, or the person representing the company, can dramatically affect the results of the inspection.

For you to fully understand the scope of the damage that has occurred after a hail storm, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

1.) Hail Damage cannot easily be seen from the ground, it takes a trained professional.

When a hail stone impacts your roof and couses damage to the shingle, it leaves what is known as a “bruise”. These bruises can sometimes take weeks to be able to easily see, as the granules covering the shingle begin to wash away.

Anyone inspecting the roof needs to be on the roof to identify the damage, and should be showing you photos of what is found.

2.) An inspection should cover the entire property, not just the roof.

As you can imagine, hail damage does not only affect the roof, but the entire property. Many “roofers” are only concerned with an easy job of replacing a roof and moving on. As a general contractor, we not only inspect your roof for damage, but anything else on the property that has been damaged. Why only have some of the damage to your property repaired, when working with a qualified contractor can make sure your entire property is restored in a single claim, and for a single deductible?

3.) The inspection should include pictures of YOUR property (including the roof), so you can also see the damage (or lack of damage).

Why would you just take the word of someone that you may not know in regards to damage to what is likely your most valuable asset? Any quality roof inspection should include photos shown to you of damage to your property. At a minimum, you should see photos of your home at each elevation, along with photos of your property from the roof. Damage should be identified with chalk, with detailed images showing you the damage that was discovered.