Are All Door-Knockers Shady?

It seems that this is a common misconception for more than a few people. Typically because of a previous bad experience with a door-knocking solicitor, they have the misplaced idea that any company resorting to door-knocking is not a worthwhile company to do business with. While it is certainly true that many companies are disreputable, that is certainly not the case for all.

We at Praus Construction actually choose to knock doors as the primary way to meet our customers and interact face-to-face. This has proven to be the best method for our sales advisors to meet customers, understand their needs, and answer questions that they may not have known they even had. Our sales advisors are not only door-knockers, they are the single point of contact from the beginning to end of the job – walking you through the process, working with the insurance company, and managing the entire project to completion.

The best advertised company is not always the best company

Just because a company spends a significant amount of money on advertising does not always make that company the best. There are companies that advertise with a TV ad during the Super Bowl, spending millions of dollars, that you know are not the best company for what they do. That same principle is true in other industries and through other advertising media.

A billboard, a TV commercial, or endless ads online are just not the way to measure the QUALITY of a company that you are entrusting your most valuable asset to. That is why we are very strategic in our advertising, and still put the main focus on meeting our customers and addressing their needs.

We prefer to do business face-to-face

We want to meet our customers. We want to understand your concerns. We want to help you understand the process of what can be a complicated ordeal. We believe that, in addition to our experience with quality projects, a friendly smile and a handshake are the way to show how we are different and build the trust of our customers.