What Happens After A Damaging Storm?

When a north Texas hail or wind storm comes through the area, causing damage to your home or business, you may be asking yourself “What’s next?, What do I do now?” This is a question that we hear regularly from many homeowners and business owners as they are trying to get a handle on how to restore their property.

For homeowners, you may be experiencing the onslaught of contractors knocking on the door, offering deals that sound too good to be true. While the number of fly-by-night and out of town contractors increase significantly after a hail storm, how can you know that you are working with a contractor that will restore your property using quality materials and labor, have the work done right the first time, and honor their workmanship by providing and maintaining warranty coverage?

The answer is to use a trusted, local contractor, like Praus Construction, that has years of history and experience in working with insurance companies to make sure that you are represented, protected, and ultimately satisfied with a long-lasting repair, restoring your property to better-than-new condition in many cases.

When it comes to working with insurance companies, we are experts. We understand and follow the process to expedite your claim with the insurance company and work diligently to make sure that you receive everything that you should. When working with Praus Construction, your time investment and headache in dealing with the insurance process are kept to a minimum, while keeping the project affordable, maintaining integrity, and using our years of experience to make sure the job is done right. We take care of the hard work for you, so you can continue to enjoy your home, free from the hassles of dealing with the claim.